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Birth of the Universe

In a vastly vague and distant past, the Creator determined that a space should come into existence. This space would be infinite, everlasting and immortal in nature, thus mirroring the Creator Himself.
Within this space, the Creator input all the infinite elements which would combine to form the heavenly bodies, gases and minerals which would populate the space. While forming these bodies the elements so input would continue to influence the movement of these bodies, spinning them violently and forcing them into orbiting paths of a predefined and organized nature. These too would be of infinite numbers and of infinite duration.

The Creator was not satisfied.

He deemed that within the bodies there would be seeds implanted, seeds which would develop into innumerable living forms destined to populate these bodies. There would be no limit to these populations and each would be uniquely distinguishable from another. There would be the tiniest life forms, too tiny to ever be seen by anyone but the Creator. But their makeup would allow them to develop and grow into the birds, the bees, the butterflies, the fish, the animals and the human beings. Other seeds would grow into plants, vegetables, fruits and forests. And, there would be complete harmony between all things thereby created.
All would grow to a predetermined scope and size as input into each seed by the Creator. Each would be unique in characteristics regardless of the vast numbers so created.
These creations would inhabit the space and aspire to one day enter into the domain and the kingdom of the Creator.
Having so finished His work, the Creator looked upon it and decided that those who believe in His existence without seeing or touching and bear witness to the beauty of His creations should be allowed to enter into His spiritual realm.

Those who refuse to acknowledge the existence, the authority and the goodness of the Creator may very well jeopardise their entry into this spiritual realm.